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    Pudong Airport
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    H/W integration / S/W contents - 6 units
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    AIR Platform
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Asia 1st approaching sensor interactive wall in Pudong Airport. @Shanghai

The architectural media wall transform to the interactive wall by using 32 approaching sensors at bottom of the wall structure. It provides real time Flight Information to travelers with real time weathers of 12 cities. It transform even the least appreciated traveler moments into surprises of delight and discovery. Passing through entrance of Terminal 2, travelers are eveloped by an immersive media wall with an entertaining variety of content capsules that transform the ambiance.

Contents UX

This media wall has various of interactive content. At the Phase 1, we have provided “Interactive History Wall” for World Import Expo in Shanghai 2019. After that we developed new entertain contents as “Interactive Butterfly Garden”. Butterflies are following users who walking through beside the wall and flowers are blossoming as well. Dec.2019, at the Phase 2, we integrated with Pudong Airport FIDS system to provide interactive FIDS with real time weather of cities. It is brand new FIDS system leveraging new technology.

<Interactive FIDS Content <Interactive History Wall Content>

<Interactive Butterfly Garden Content>

Project Management

Our project team has consist of Project Manager, Programmer(Front end and Back end), Designer and installation team.

We strategized a theme framework that allowed our designers and programmers to create beautifully accessible templates, while playing in enough flexibility to allow contents to customize the experience for airport marketing use.


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