• Client

    Olympian City - SINO
  • Role

    Branding, CRM Integration
  • Year

  • Platforms

    Kiosk & Mobile
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Tenant Promotion Kiosk

1.Project Description
=> We are building a kiosk based rewards content and mining analytics software to integrate with SINO group membership system.

2.Project Goals and Objectives
=> To develop a user-friendly customer engagement software to bring new members and to provide valuable service to existing members.

3.Project Scope
=> To provide general coupons to non-members.
To provide valuable gift to S Plus members.
To install 4 kiosks at Olympian City.
To integrate with SINO membership system.

4.Critical Success Factors (Per kiosk)
=> Daily user : 50 (S+ : 30, G : 20)
=> Returning rate : 30%
=> Conversion rate : 10%

Contents UX

General user and S+ User can enjoy this tenant promotion kiosk. General user start UX with Q&A in order to provide personalized coupon. S+ User start with scanning their S+ User mobile APP qr code. System analysis their badge data and provide personalized gift into their mobile APP after enjoying game at the kiosk.


AIR Platform DATA analysis

According to AIR Platform analysis, “Tenant promotion kiosk” project shows valuable numbers of user usage, returning visitors and conversion rate as well.

Customer’s shopping experience can be researched and analyzed 24 hours/ 365 days.
– You can make fast and accurate decision by making offline analytics just like an online analytics.
– You can manage important performance measures affecting sales such as stopping power, bounce rate, and loyalty.
– You can check the status of your store and compare it with business district and industry information through automated research.


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